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Sheboygan County

Sheboygan County plays host to an assortment of small, medium, and large businesses, including industry giants and world-renowned leaders. Your dream job awaits in Sheboygan County, and we'd love to help you find it.


Learn about some of Sheboygan County's Top Employers. Many of our multigenerational family-owned companies offer high-paying entry-level jobs, generous tuition assistance, and top 401(k) programs, but most importantly, they want you to be part of their family.

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Career Inspiration

Linking Students & Careers. Students have to opportunity to graduate career-ready with skills and experiences gained by connecting to employers and industry partners.

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Sheboygan County at a Glance

10 %

Service Workers

33 %

Blue Collar Workers

57 %

White Collar Workers

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Join the Sheboygan County Talent Community and get connected instantly with the TOP local, family-owned companies!

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a great culture

Begins with Great Leadership

Congratulations to our recent graduates who successfully completed Lakeshore Technical College‚Äôs Inspiring Leadership program!  Throughout this program, participants developed essential leadership skills characteristic of inspiring leaders; our very best wishes go out to our employer partners for embracing the value effective leadership has on employee retention and business results.   

Contact Tonia Gibeault to discuss how Workforce Solutions will partner with you to address your leadership and overall workforce development needs.

Tonia Gibeault, Business Solutions Manager

920.693.1305 | tonia.gibeault@gotoltc.edu