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Lakeland University

Cooperative Education Program – Earn while you learn

Cooperative Education is an exciting new way to earn a Lakeland degree, earn valuable professional experience, and control the cost of college. Lakeland is the only school in the Midwest offering Cooperative Education for all students.

Employer partners from a wide variety of professional work environments and industries are eagerly collaborating with Lakeland to hire well-prepared, highly motivated students. There are many benefits to students participating in Lakeland’s Cooperative Education program:

  • Earn up to 30 credits for work experiences (equivalent to a full year of school).
    • Most schools only offer students up to six academic credits for work experience.
  • Graduate with 12-18 months of professional work experience, often in your academic major.
  • Earn academic credit for your work, keeping you on track to graduate in four years.
    • Other schools that offer Cooperative Education have a five-year path to graduation
  • Earn money for school. Combined with scholarships, the money you’ll earn from working can help you graduate with little or no debt. Lakeland provides financial advising to help students manage their earnings and educational expenses.