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Spirituality can add depth and meaning to life. Today individuals approach spirituality through a variety of realms. Based on recent psychological studies spirituality can have a positive impact on personality characteristics, namely: Spiritual people are gracious. Spiritual people are compassionate. Spiritual people flourish. Spiritual people self-actualize. Spiritual people take time to savor life experiences. Topics will be covered according to the needs of participants and include: Distinguish between spiritual direction and spiritual companioning. Construction of spiritual timeline. Reflections on readings. Organize triads for discussion. Develop a mentor, peer supervision group and other methods for self-care. Construct a rubric for client meetings. Reflections on readings. Triad work. Evaluate processes and techniques used with suggestion for more beneficial learning. Reflections on readings. Triad work. Participate in guided meditation. Summarize content and evolving awareness in oral presentation. Reflections on readings. Triad work. Initiate “client” meeting. Reflections on readings. Triad work. Conclude “client” meeting. Express importance of leave-taking, closure and expressions of gratitude.