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In collaboration with Green Bicycle Co. and the City of Sheboygan, the Arts Center embarked on a process of cultural asset mapping a method of identifying the resources in an area that make it unique.
The project began several months ago, and it is still a work in progress. Here, we share what we heard from citizens of Sheboygan. It is clear that intangible assets are more important to people than tangible ones. Having a sense of belonging, feeling heard, holding connection to the community might be connected to physical places or organizations, but the physical location the tangible asset wasn’t the whole story. Our information and recommendations are organized into three categories for maximum short- and long-term impact: youth education, participation and engagement, and representation. All are intertwined, and we believe one leads to another. You can expect to see more: community conversations, surveys, presentations, and other engagement. We hope you join us for the journey.