It’s in our name – Sheboygan County is Someplace Better to live! We post about everything it has to offer throughout our site and live it on social media, but if you’re just hearing about it for the first time? Well, here’s the facts, Jack.

Parnell Tower

1. Natural Resources

“Sheboygan County is Someplace Better, especially is you enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle. We have beautiful State Parks, hiking trails, horseback riding, and so much more.” – Liz, Johnsonville Sausage employee

When you ask people who live here what they love most about the area, the most popular answer is this: the natural resources. Sitting pretty on the coast of a great lake, deciduous forests with winding trails, beautiful wildlife – all at your doorstep.

2. Cost of Living

Don’t just take it from us – take it from here, or here, or maybe even here. And when you’re convinced, stop by here to start exploring the possibilities. 😉

3. Strong Community

“Sheboygan County is Someplace Better because it is full of selfless, generous, and caring people who volunteer their time and donate what they can to make a difference for their neighbors in need.” – Sheboygan County Food Bank

“Sheboygan County is Someplace Better because we take care of each other.” – Brenda Buehler of Northshore Realty

With an abundance of opportunities to help make the world Someplace Better and a culture of personal connection, Sheboygan County is a place where you belong, find ways to support others, and find support for yourself.

Division Street Marketplace

4. Businesses Thrive

“Sheboygan County is Someplace Better because its members not only take responsibility for their community but are excited and proud of it. Entrepreneurs thrive.” – Dustin Hoffman, 3 Sheeps representative

With a thriving economy and low cost of living, Sheboygan County is the place for dreams to be made into reality.

5. Never Far From What You Want

At most? A ten minute drive. But more likely? Just a ten minute walk. We have small businesses everywhere to supply whatever you need or want and all the best of the chains.

Curt Joa team

6. Top Companies For Careers

Where to begin? Bemis, Johnsonville, Sargento, Kohler, Acuity, Rockline, Vollrath, and so many, many more! In fact, you can see the cream of the crop here.

Farmer's Market

7. Eat Local

“Sheboygan County is #SomeplaceBetter because it is so diverse, and the people know good food. This place has it all and endless opportunity.” – Al Latifi⁠

Getting food locally is great for the economy and the environment – and Sheboygan County is all about it. We love our food locally-sourced and made with love. And the recent pandemic hasn’t stopped us from finding a way to enjoy it all, either. Eat good and feel good in one of the most culinary-minded counties around.

8. Cultural Diversity

Every color and creed is represented and celebrated in Sheboygan County. Our rich subcultures produce some of the best art and events and give voice to the things that matter. And, we have a great time doing it. Not to mention the art scene tops the charts.

9. Long-Term Stability

“I am so happy I landed in Sheboygan County because of a job transfer. Great people! This is now my forever place because it really is Someplace Better.” – Jane of Relish Kitchen Store

It’s a great find.
It’s a great place to start a life as a young adult.
It’s a great place to start a family.
It’s a great place to grow old.

And so, so much more.

10. A Place To Call Home

“Sheboygan County is Someplace Better whether you are starting a new career, adventure, or life. It may not be the big city, but you just can’t beat living in a place that makes you feel like you are finally HOME.” – Barb H. of Rockline Industries

“Sheboygan County is Someplace Better because you an explore alone or experience it together. It offers everything without overwhelming you.” – JJ H., resident

“Sheboygan County is Someplace Better because there are so many places and experiences that let me bond with those close to me.” – Jared U., resident

“Sheboygan County is Someplace Better because kids can be raised in a small town environment, with a safe community, and wonderful seasons… The schools are wonderful and there are opportunities for children. The environment is also gorgeous.” – Patrick and Ronna, owners of Fig & Pheasant

Need we say more?

Explore. Settle in. Live in Someplace Better.