It’s been quite the year. Stress levels are high. Sometimes, you just need a moment’s peace. Here are five spots to sit, breathe, and take in the view in Sheboygan County.

Sheboygan Lighthouse

View of Sheboygan Lighthouse. Photo by Sam Salibi of @blue.eyed.visions.

Photo by Sam Salibi of @blue.eyed.visions

Pick a sunrise or sunset and make your way to the harbor where boats go to rest. You’ll be met with a crisp horizon line and the clean lines of the walkway out to Sheboygan’s lighthouse. The sound of waves crashing on the rocks will drown out city noises. Take a deep breath and sit a while, until the sun is up or the stars come out.

Elkhart Lake

View of Elkhart Lake

If you prefer a smaller lake, head to Elkhart where the trees surround the edge of the lake and sunrises glow, casting a beautiful reflection on its waters. Have a cup of coffee from Off The Rail and take a rest.

Parnell Tower

Parnell Tower

Photo by @helloemilyurban.

Grab your hiking shoes and trek into the woods and up the Parnell Tower. Get above the treetops and have a seat. It’s hard to get too deep into your head when you’ve climbed above it all.

Please note that at the time of publishing, the tower itself is temporarily closed. We look forward to its reopening!

Settler’s Park

View of Settler's Park river

Take your book, find a bench, and settle in to the white noise of the falls and gentle hustle-bustle of downtown Sheboygan Falls. Admire the trees overhanging the river, maybe treat yourself to an iced coffee from the nearby coffee shop. Let your mind wander and enjoy.

Sheboygan Riverfront

View of Sheboygan riverfront

This one is (in my opinion) best enjoyed at night. When the sun is just setting, the lights come on and reflect on the gently-flowing river. It’s not hard to find a spot to sit down with all the restaurants with outdoor seating. Order an appetizer or just find a public bench. Listen to the creaking wood and watch the world settle in under the golden glow of the lights on the deep blue of the water.


What’s your go-to view to clear your head? Got a story idea? Tell us here.