Antoinette the cow

Plymouth Public Library is making summer reading a team effort for the community. “We want to see just how far we can take Antoinette,” says Kim Niesing, youth services liason.

Who’s Antoinette, and where are they taking her? Well, Antoinette is Plymouth’s beloved cow statue. And the library wants to “moooove” her across Plymouth – figuratively, of course – a paper chain.

“Each link is equal to 25 pages. And that applies to any type of reading, from children’s books to magazines to novels,” Kim explained. “We redesigned this year’s program to be open to all ages and community-wide. It’s even open to people out-of-county, or even out-of-state.”

Two chains are being created – your personal chain, and the community chain. As you read your books, add your own links at home and log them with the library. What you log will be added to the community chain. When the program ends, the community chain will be built and unrolled – starting at Antoinette and “mooooving” downtown.

And it’s not just involving individuals, but small businesses, too. Local businesses are participating within their own teams. Plus, each week, the library will have a drawing for three $20 Chamber Bucks certificates for participants, further supporting our local businesses! (There’s quite a few other prizes involved, too!)

So how do you get involved? There’s both digital and analog options, and you can find all those details here.

Kim is thrilled about the program and anticipates its continuance in the years to come. And she loves where she lives. “Sheboygan County, and Plymouth in particular, has so many opportunities, businesses, and vibrance for its size. And yet it’s a close-knit community.”

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