Curt Joa Building

Among Sheboygan County’s companies that makes the area great is Curt Joa, the leader of innovation in the disposable hygiene industry. But like all companies in Sheboygan County, it’s more than just another company – it’s a community in and of itself. And although they must use discretion when talking about customers and projects, our very own Curt Joa has been on the forefront of innovation and provision in the wake of COVID-19.

“Joa prides itself on employee longevity, with a 14-year average employee tenure, and generations of family members work here. There are multiple reasons and one of them is the community or family environment.” says Paula I., employee. “Joa has a standard lunch break to encourage employees to interact together. Different employee groups walk faithfully together every day or play ping pong or shoot basketball. This co-mingling wouldn’t happen if we weren’t shut down at the same time. Plus, Joa has a private golf course that is open to employees, retirees, and their family members. The company league changes pairs of players every year and it ensures that everyone is interacting together from all levels and roles of the company. It is awesome!”

Curt Joa team

Curt Joa is still thriving and building its community – they are currently hiring in these roles (subject to change):

  • Temporary General Manufacturing Support
  • Logistics Manager
  • Temporary Paint Support
  • Temporary Warehouse Clerk
  • PT Deburrer
  • Machinist II

You can view these positions and apply here.

Paula knows firsthand how different it is to work at a place like Joa in Someplace Better like Sheboygan County. “I moved to the area to work with Curt Joa from the Milwaukee area. Sheboygan County is a great place to work because, having worked for 25 years in different cities, the uniqueness of this area for working is the closeness of the community and the interweaving of the personal and professional in a positive way.”

What does that look like exactly? “When there is a need in the community, it is addressed by the local companies because they are so heavily invested in the community that they themselves live in and their children are growing in, as opposed to it being delegated to impersonal channels. The need is taken to heart at high levels because they’re that invested.”

Curt Joa inside

Curt Joa, and Sheboygan County companies in general, are all about investment and intention with its relationship to the community, says Paula. “They’re also invested in hiring the next generation and showing that investment by cultivating a positive community that’s thriving. A thriving community naturally develops a thriving and vibrant workforce, so people want to invest in the companies and housing.”

“A thriving community naturally develops a thriving and vibrant workforce, so people want to invest in the companies and housing.”

“Sheboygan County is also not a commuter community, because people come here and don’t want to leave,” Paul added, reflecting on all the things the area has to offer.

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