Sandwich from The HUB Studio Cafe

It’s a difficult time, but it’s bringing out the best in our community – and The HUB Studio Café in Plymouth Wisconsin is no exception. Susan, owner, felt the pain of the community and decided to do something about it. In partnership with Seranya Studios Art Boutique, they decided to offer free meals to seniors. We set up a quick interview with her to get a little background and how she is using her business to positively impact Sheboygan County.

As developments of COVID-19 came to light, what was your initial reaction as a business owner?

Well, at first I thought it would not come here – that we wouldn’t see it in our country, and I never dreamt it could get so bad as to shut down the world. This is so unprecedented for us in the US. I know now that we didn’t really react quickly enough – but who would have ever thought this would be so pervasive and extensive. Our hearts are broken for the areas that are being so hard hit all over the world. Our prayers are that we all (the entire world I mean) emerge from this to be more connected as humans, a much kinder world to each other.

What inspired you to offer these meals, and how did you implement this idea?

We are always trying to find ways to give back and to have a positive impact on our communities.  This is a sentiment shared by the donor to Seranya Studios Arts Foundation, an organization I founded in 2018. It was really his idea. I was talking about how to find a way to help youth artists to learn and create while they are cooped up at home. He said, “How about delivering youth art to seniors with a free meal?” It developed from there.

For him, and us, it’s about quality of life, far more than money. A good meal and art are simple things that make our lives better, a small thing we can do for our communities.

What is something you love about the Sheboygan County community?

That’s hard to put a finger on just one thing. For sure the people. We seem to have a connection that is very unique to the county. When you-know-what “hits the fan,” we pull together. I’m a business owner so I get to see how many people pull together to help others,  like when there’s a family illness or a fire or a terrible accident. People just come out to help and do fundraisers and drop groceries and so much more. I can’t always give a lot, but we try to give to everyone who asks even if it is just a little. I think that’s the same way every business owner I know in Sheboygan county feels, right along with the families.

And our big manufacturers and other large employers are ALWAYS stepping up – from Sargento to Sartori to Van Horn Automotive and more.

Top it off with our fabulous lakes and trails, and have you ever seen all the beautiful gardens and yards in Plymouth!? And it’s pretty hard to beat being the “Surfing Capitol of the Midwest”.  I don’t surf – but I’m pretty proud of that. Then we have wonderful winemakers too! Who needs California? (No offense meant, California – but I’m pretty proud of our beautiful Midwest County.)

Why is Sheboygan County “Someplace Better” to live, as a business owner and as a person during uncertain times like these?

In addition to my answer above, farmers’ markets are diverse and growing. Artists and skilled crafters abound in our county. We are truly blessed.