A heart made of fire trucks to thank healthcare workers during COVID

Sheboygan County has no shortage of heroes, and recently, the Town of Sheboygan Fire Department sent a special thank you to our heroes in healthcare.

Headed up by Adam Cain (Deputy Chief) and Josh Biederwolf (Engine Captain), the team of firefighters came together to create a heart using their trucks, starting the #HeartsForHealthcare campaign.

“When we talked about how we wanted to do this, we wanted to make this something larger than ourselves and start this campaign,” said Adam. “The overwhelming response… I didn’t anticipate it would turn into what it did.”

The campaign took off online, catching the attention of national news and going viral. The team of firefighters wanted to show support for those who are often unthanked – and that support was received and echoed across the country.

“When we’re out in the field, people are saying thank you because we’re visible. We’re there wearing stuff that identifies us as health care providers. But nurses in hospitals, nursing homes – when they’re in public, they’re not getting thanks, and the people they’re interacting with are usually not in a presence of mind to give them thanks. So we wanted to recognize them and give them the thanks they deserve.”

Town of Sheboygan firefighter

Adam then added, when reflecting on Sheboygan County and how the people respond to these workers, “The support of the community is amazing. I’ve been a member of other departments in large cities and other states. But I have never experienced community support, togetherness, love, or camaraderie like I have here. it extends beyond our department – all the departments we work with here have tremendous interaction and receive tremendous support. It’s above and beyond.”

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