#SomeplaceBetter Entreperneur Feature

Welcome to Sheboygan County – an area where competitive cost of living, strong community, and thriving entrepreneurship never stops. Sheboygan County has seen highs and lows – but it’s the spirit of resilience that makes this community so appealing to entrepreneurs.

You’ll find them everywhere from small mom-and-pop shops, generational family-owned restaurants, independent contractors, and more. Residents are paving their way and seizing the day.

A fantastic example of this is Green Rx, forging a new trail of providing relief through medical CBD to the county, and recently being the recipient for Retailer of the Year by the Sheboygan County Chamber of Commerce.

Began in August of 2018, Green Rx is a prime example of why Sheboygan County is someplace better to be an entrepreneur. 

“I am from Sheboygan County, born-and-raised. I chose to stay here because as you get older you begin to notice that Sheboygan county has many great things to offer, and many of the things you look to have in a community as you grow older. I believe there is no better place to raise a family, safely and doing so with a tremendous amount  of opportunities, resources and experiences that are available to anyone,” says Jared Roe, founder.

So Why Sheboygan County?

It goes beyond the business side for Jared. “Lake Michigan offers us so many advantages from boating to fishing, but also festivals and other economic advantages. My time here is  full of great experiences and I want those for my children. I cannot imagine living anywhere without a Lake Michigan.

“The cost of living in our area is significantly better than most places and the amenities versus cost are untouchable.”

“We have amazing schools, a nice variety of local sports and other extracurriculars, and our involvement with our friends, family, and acquaintances is unbeatable. Many of the locals have been here for generations and they carry the same family traditions and values as we do. We know we have a strong support structure in our community, and our leadership is setting us to succeed in the future.”

What Can An Aspiring Entrepreneur Expect?

Offering new-to-the community, health-related products, Jared went above and beyond to ensure the community was comfortable and on board with their store.

“I started Green Rx in august of 2018. I had never opened a business before, but I called the City and they were incredibly helpful starting me off in the right direction. They even sent links to the proper sites and also screenshots with the information that was necessary to open it legally in a general sense.”

Jared faced a bigger challenge in introducing a new, unfamiliar product to the Sheboygan County market, but instead of being put off by the numerous channels, he realized the value of their meaning.

“For the hemp side of it, there was really not much support that anyone could give me, because they simply were not familiar with what this was. I spent months researching articles on the internet, but they too were very limited as the boom really hadn’t started yet. 

“Because the info was very sparse, I made sure to reach out to state government. I also met with our local government, and law enforcement, and also sought legal advice to ensure that I opened with respect to our community and to law enforcement. 

“The extra effort forced me to work harder to ensure that we were doing things properly and with full understanding of these products and the importance of educating, finding, and providing high quality products for the safety of everyone in this community. I remember the chief of police specifically saying thank you for doing everything in this way.”

Green Rx’s house-made essential oil rollers

Jared pressed on not only because he believed in his product, but out of a passionate desire to help his community. “I believe it would have been easy enough to just throw in the towel and forget the stress I was going through to open this. However, my belief is that I want to concern myself with the future of this community and wanted to bring this here in hopes of finding another path for people dealing with physical and mental health issues, as well as finding a solution to the rising opioid epidemic in our community. I also believed that this business would help provide economic prosperity for our community and move our city forward in a more progressive way to continue contributing to its future success and growth.”

“The people that are here to keep an eye out on the community are striving to maintain the quality of life for everyone living in our area… Once I was given the green light. I cannot tell you how supportive the rest of the community was.

“I found so many people that were willing to connect me with others that could help launch my business. From the landlord of our building, assisting in finding merchant services and an account, to the local press shining light on our new venture. The Chamber of Commerce was another resource that really helped us network and connect with many useful businesses and professionals. 

“I am so thankful for all of this, because without it, I do not believe we would still be here and I likely never would have known where to go. It should also be noted that the residents in the community were incredibly excited and gave us a tremendous amount of support through word of mouth and social networking. I thank them for getting behind us.”

So What is Green Rx? 

If Jared could sum it up, it’d be this: “Green Rx Is Sheboygan’s premier hemp CBD specialty shop and dispensary, priding itself on a quality, safe, judgement-free, confidential, and educational experience and approach to holistic healing by using only the best-tested hemp-derived CBD products, while also maintaining a fair price.”

They’ve also ensured to be a step above the rest. “Not only do we offer high quality products, but we also take the time to create and hand make our own quality products using only high quality organic materials. Many of the hemp/cbd stores or locations that carry cbd are interested in capitalizing on a fad and do not take the time or do the research before pushing a product. They also do not spend the time to offer a unique solution for their guests, based on their needs. All of our products contain Hemp Derived CBD and we offer Oils, essential oil, Edibles, capsules, inhalers, bath products, pet products and much more.”

If you stop in, you’ll probably be greeted by Jared, his wife Taylor, or their friendly employee, Jerome, ready and eager to serve your needs – be it anxiety, sleeplessness, or a host of other ailments.

“Sheboygan County is someplace better because it is a clean, safe, growing community that offers support and resources for entrepreneurs and professionals to grow and flourish. It offers the ability to create a fulfilling life and future for themselves. It also offers new or growing families the same abilities and gives them every privilege and experience to enjoy lives amazing gifts to the fullest.

“And once you’ve achieved everything you’ve dreamed about, it’s a great place to finally settle down and reflect on your life’s experiences and your many accomplishments.”

Jared and his wife, Taylor