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Weekly #SomeplaceBetter Events: 2.23.2020 – 2.29.2020

Join us this final week of February for opportunities of creativity and growth in your county.

Each week in Sheboygan County boasts new opportunities to enjoy life with family, friends, or just yourself. This week is no different, with more chances to take full advantage of this #SomeplaceBetter.

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Start the week right by supporting our natural resources at Paradigm Coffee & Music. From 1:20-2:30, listen to the music of Josh & Cole with a cup of coffee to help Kohler Andrae. Details here.


It’s a chance for creativity to blossom this week at Mini Mocha Play Cafe. From 9:30-12:30, you and you little one can get out of the house and explore what they have to offer on the theme of creating! Find details here.

There’s a rich history behind the soulful music known as the blues and jazz, and now’s your chance to learn more about it. Drop in to Mead Public Library from 6:30-7:30 to learn more with Lil Rev and Mike Ammons – details here.


Sheboygan County cares about its environment. This week, Maywood is hosting an event to learn about smog and air pollution and preventative measures you can take. Join them for Lunch & Learn from 12-1more details here.


Cold weather is made for Italian comfort food. Relish in Sheboygan is hosting a class from 6-8pm to learn all about it, and make some, too! Click here for all the details.


Winter is the time for self care and growing in healthy habits. Head over to the loft at Mead Library from 6 to 7pm to learn about acupuncture, diet, and health philosophy! Find the details here.

Education is Sheboygan County is exemplary. Today, drop by Parkview in Plymouth for their open house from 4:30-6:30pm. They’ll be displaying a blast from the past with the contents of a time capsule, and revealing their steps toward the future with their recently renovated cafeteria, gym, security, and more. Read about it here.


Our kids are our heroes! And now’s their chance to show it – Above & Beyond Children’s Museum is hosting a fun-filled pajama party with a superhero theme! From 5:30-8:30, they can explore the museum and enjoy snacks and activities, dressed up as their favorite hero. Find all the details here.

Dance for the dogs. Yes, you read that right – help out man’s best friend by going to the Sports Core this Friday from 6-8pm. There’s a dance fitness and barre class, complimentary, with all proceeds going to the Sheboygan County Humane Society. Read more here.


It’s a leap year! Make it extra special this Saturday with your kids with some dance and music. Mead Library has master drummer and dancer Salia Camara and dancer Maria Camara leading an hour of high-energy fun for children of all ages. Read (and see) more here!

Nerf guns + an obstacle course = an unforgettable Saturday. If your child is between 1 and 4 years old, Final Option Self Defense Studio is opening its doors from 1pm to 4pm for $5 to have fun with this fantastic combo. Read more about it here.

When that’s said and done, enjoy some music at The Immigrant in Kohler between 9pm and 1am. Jake Warne, a local singer/songwriter, will captivate and entertain you while you enjoy some of the finest dining around. Details here.

How will you take advantage of a week in Someplace Better?