New Sheboygan Esports Complex is Gamer’s Paradise

SHEBOYGAN – The old Carquest building on Indiana Avenue sat vacant for about half a dozen years, but on Jan. 2 it will start emitting an entertaining glow from LED lights, PC monitors and old-school Nintendo systems.

Game On, an esports venue, is revitalizing an abandoned corner of the city and turning it into an entertainment hub for the whole community. It contains 15 video game consoles like Xbox, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, along with 24 high-end gaming PCs. People can pay to play by the hour or purchase daily, monthly or annual passes.

Justin Webb, owner of Sun Graphics Media, purchased Game On — which was based in Fond du Lac at the time — after Sun Graphics employee and nationally ranked gamer Jared Dutra brought up its potential. They discussed buying it with five other employees at Sun Graphics, who thought it was a good idea.

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