Masters Gallery Foods, Inc.: 3rd Shift Sanitation

Job Description
  • Plymouth, WI, USA
  • $20.08
  • Hourly
  • Full Time

The Sanitation position cleans and sanitizes production rooms and equipment, following all written sanitation procedures.

Essential Job Functions

  1. Prepare equipment for cleaning. Remove any product left in equipment. Cover electrical components. Remove guards, covers, catch pans, etc. Disassemble machine components which will be cleaned separately.
  2. Clean equipment. Use air guns to blow off any loose product. Scrape cheese off of surfaces. Rinse equipment with hot water. Apply cleaning solution with portable compressed air foaming units. Remove any remaining soil manually using scrub brushes. Rinse with hot water.
  3. Clean parts. Small components are placed in stainless steel baskets then rinsed with hot water. Parts baskets are then placed in C.O.P. tank. Water and cleaning compounds are added. Solution is heated and agitated. After specified time, solution is drained out of tank and parts are rinsed.
  4. Prepare cleaning and sanitizing solutions.
  5. Sanitize equipment. After equipment is cleaned and rinsed, sanitizing solutions are sprayed on all food contact surfaces using a central sanitizing system.
  6. Reassemble equipment after cleaning and sanitizing. Replace catch pans, covers, and guards which have been removed for cleaning.

Related Duties

  1. Salvage, separate and barrel edible and inedible scrap from production areas. Record weights of salvage.
  2. Clean floors in all production and warehouse areas.
  3. Set up production line equipment.
  4. Empty, clean and place clean liners in all trash barrels.
  5. Sanitize floor drains.
  6. Perform periodic cleaning of walls, light fixtures and air vents in production areas.
  7. Perform minor maintenance tasks on equipment.
  8. Perform janitorial duties in production and warehouse areas.
  9. Place waste cardboard from production into recycling dumpster.

Essential Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  1. Must possess basic mechanical skills.
  2. Must be able to visually inspect equipment.
  3. Must be able to lift and carry 70 lbs.
  4. Must be able to read well enough to identify contents of labeled chemical containers.
  5. Must understand safe handling of chemicals and complete a sanitation chemical safety class.

Working Conditions

  1. Frequent exposure to wet/damp conditions.
  2. Exposure to a wide range of temperatures.
  3. Continual walking/standing on concrete floors.
  4. Frequent lifting, grasping, squeezing and carrying.
  5. Exposure to caustic and acidic cleaning/sanitizing solutions.

An Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer


Masters Gallery Foods

Equal Opportunity Employer/Women/Minorities/Protected Veterans/Individuals with Disabilities