Dollhouse Dance Factory

“SHEBOYGAN – Now everybody like, ‘she really is the best.’

The next time dancers from Dollhouse Dance Factory sing those lyrics from the Nicki Minaj song “Chun Li” they won’t be exaggerating.

Teams from the Sheboygan dance company won two world championships at last month’s international Dance Worlds competition in the Open Elite Hip Hop category for their routine “Chun Li” and the Senior Large Hip Hop category for their routine “Hustle.”

“It was unfathomable, the idea of winning two,” said Kayla Pittner, owner of Dollhouse Dance Factory. “It had genuinely never crossed any of our minds.”

Pittner and Betsy Klauk are the teams’ head coaches and they accompanied the girls to the competition in Orlando.

The winning routines were both choreographed by Napoleon & Tabitha Dumo (known jointly as NappyTabs) of “World of Dance” and “So You Think You Can Dance” fame. The team met the legendary choreographers when they auditioned for season two of “World of Dance.”

The Open Elite Hip Hop team is made up of 15 girls ages 14 and up. The Senior Large Hip Hop team is made up of 22 girls ages 13 to 18. Many of the girls overlapped, so they won twice in one day.”

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